To all our Donors, Advisors, supporters, non profit partners and others who have let us share in their generosity and on behalf of our dedicated and talented board, I offer my sincere gratitude. Thank you for inspiring us and for joining us in supporting women and building the young girls of Kasanje Town council together.

group photo with some of the trainees after completing training in proper menstrual health management inclusive of making Re-usable sanitary pad


We are living through an unprecedented moment in time, but what gives me hope is our equally unprecedented commitment to responding to the needs of the adolescent mothers, young girls at the verge of dropping out of schools and desperate marginalized vulnerable women in Kasanje Town council, Wakiso District Uganda. Within the days of the world health Organization declaration of the Covid19 as a global pandemic, Tuezuule Initiative launched the women and girl child focus empowerment projects to address the urgent and emerging needs of our vulnerable communities.

People all across Our region, Country and abroad have opened up their hearts to help those affected through our grass-root community based organization. Children and seniors, small businesses and individual’s with in and out of the country all came together to meet the tragedy with Generosity.

Between May 2021 and November 2021, Tuezuule initiative disbursed nearly 35 Million Shillings in response to end gender based and or domestic violence, Unhealthy menstrual management practices, Unemployment and poor standards of living (for women and girls)

For about 1 and half years, Tuezuule initiative has helped donors, well wishers and humanitarians to transform passion into impact on the causes they care about most. We are mindful that every money we get represents the dream, passion and investment of a donor to strengthen the girls and women in the marginalised communities as well as improving their health and quality of life. While the needs and the incredible potential young girls and women in the marginalised communities have never been greater, Everyday we see impact of our Donors’ generosity and investments. The lasting impactful change we want to see will take time. That’s why Tuezuule Initiative invests/targets for the long term (sustainable impacts). We can do this because of the incredible faith and foresight of our supporters.

Ms Mbajja Rukia

group photo with some of the trainees(Adolescent mothers, young girls and vulnerable women) after completing training in proper menstrual health management inclusive of making Re-usable sanitary pad

As the crisis caused by the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic continue to raise high, our team work, empathy, compassion and solidarity are not lowing down. Under Tuezuule initiative, we are joining hands together to support, empower and heal our most affected friends (girl child, teen mothers, vulnerable marginalized women have been the most affected, this is backed by the current statistics of pregnancy rates in Uganda, rates of domestic and or gender based violence, poverty, rape, early and or forced marriages, teenage pregnancies resulting into attempting unsafe abortions which leads to loss of lives, among other vices that need urgent solutions) Please consider contributing to assist People in Kasanje town council.

By the Projects coordinator


“Every day is another day for giving back to our community. For Tuezuule initiative, Everyday is a good deeds day”

we can join hands to heal, support and empower the under privileged during these hard times

click here to be a hero during these times of hopelessness
Learning how to make Re-usable sanitary pads (Jandira village, Sokolo parish )

Dear friends and supporters Kindly donate(click in the image) to support our campaigns (we are currently facing scarcity of machines, materials and funds to enable us reach out to areas highly impacted by the pandemic

“our first batch of mentored and trained women and young girls shall on Tuesday/14/2021 receive their certificates and a chance to create a social enterprise that will be given starting capital by Tuezuule initiative”

Mrs. Mbajja Rukia (Executive Director)
on 14th December “Team Tuezuule giving remarks, counseling and addressing some of there trainees about their health and standards of living”
Creating a smile on grieving faces is what keeps us going
The head of our volunteering department (CNM Aidah.B) handing over certificates to our succesfull trainees

We are soon announce our new partnerships.

Hang in there something good is coming we will let you know.

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